Shelley Smith, Dogtrainer


I would like to thank...

  • My customers, and their dogs
  • Helmut Peters for being my Mentor, and for his Dogtraining Academy
  • Willy Brock and Micheala for breeding beautiful German Shepherds, especially my Faith and Bear
  • Von Caid, for my current magnificent German Shepherd, Magnum
  • Dr. Stanley Coren for his books, encouragement and all the fun I had training alongside him
  • Dr. Ben Greenberg of the Dear Animal Clinic, Richmond, for his continued support and referrals
  • Dr. Yvonne VanDuin of Island Veterinary Clinic, for hosting puppy parties with me, and her continued support and referrals
  • Dr. Javaid Chaudry of Terra Nova Village Veterinary Clinic, for his support and recommendations
  • Ian Power, Radio Host Extraordinaire, for all the fun we've had his during numerous radio interviews on CKNW and FM107.7
  • Marlene, owner a proprietor of Doggy6 Grooming
  • Magnum, Faith, AddyPaddy, and Bear
Magnum, as a puppy
Addy Paddy

I also would like to acknowledge the help of...

  • Samantha Co for my website design
  • Adrian, for making my website "responsive"

Shelley Smith Dogtraining
is a proud supporter of
BC Children's Hospital

Dog Visitation Program
where well-trained dogs
help make a difference.

Shelley Smith
Shelley Smith
Certified Master Dog Trainer
Call me: 778 836 DOGS (3647)