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Hello Shelley,
Back in 2006 my daughter Molly and I came to one of your puppy class sessions with our new puppy, Heidi.
I just wanted to quickly let you know that Heidi is now 12 and we are a St. John’s Ambulance therapy dog team. We are the Saturday team at BC Children's Hospital. She is amazing! Older and a little slower, but amazing! Thank you for giving us the best start ever. Heidi has been the best dog I’ve ever had and such a joy. I sincerely hope you are well and will be recommending a future dog owner to you when they get their puppy.
Warmest regards,
Gail Furlong


Wow, Shelley truly is a miracle worker!
Our rescue, a Dachshund-X had difficulty adjusting to her new home with us but Shelley was able to guide us in crate training and easing her separation-anxiety issue. She also helped our dog reduce her fear of other dogs. After several walks and boarding for 4 days at Shelley's, our dog is confident enough to approach a dog 10X her size for a sniff. Previously she had no interest in other dogs and would freeze/shiver when approached.
We would highly recommend Shelley's classes and have Shelley board your dog if you are on vacation. And she is only a phone call or email away!
Susan V.


I cannot thank Shelly enough for all of her help with our dogs. Everyone in our household found her instructions and methodology to be perfect. In all honesty, with the way our senior Shiba Inu was acting after the death of our older Bulldog, I didn't think we would be approved to adopt a new dog. After one private training session, Shelly assured us that our Shiba just needed the proper guidance and was able to provide us with the tools to turn all of that around.
When we eventually went through the process and were approved to adopt a young hound, Shelly told us exactly how to handle his integration into the home by explaining the psychology of both dogs and giving us a sound and practical plan of action to move forward. When we had questions, she was only a phone call away.
And with that, it was practically seamless: It was like dog whispering meets couples' counselling. The household now functions even better than before. Both of the dogs get along fantastically and we humans are on the same page. Now that our younger hound has completed group obedience classes, we have two beautifully behaved dogs that we are very proud to show off.
Working with someone who is not only passionate about what she does, but also so good at it, was just amazing! Shelly really goes above and beyond. There is a reason this woman continues to win awards for excellence! We will definitely recommend Shelley to everyone we know. Thanks Again!
Angeline, Richmond

"Forget Cesar Milan, Shelley Smith is the true dog whisperer. In a few short months she turned our hound from hell, who could not be out in public without a muzzle and caused us more grief then anyone can imagine, into a dog that we could take to the dog park,let him run free, and not worry he would bite someone or destroy things. She is a miracle worker and we highly recommend her services."
Brad & Christian

"Shelley is by far the best dog trainer I have ever met, she is knowledgable, patient and has a great rapport with dogs and clients alike. I trust Shelley's abilities so much that I now include her services in our vet clinic's puppy packages that we offer to puppy owners. Shelley has helped numerous clients to achieve a better relationship with their adult dogs as well as puppy owners, regardless of the problems they are experiencing."
Dr. Ben Greenberg, The Dear Animal Hospital

"Shelley has provided the TFN community excellent advice and has provided a group instruction session to better the relationship between dog owners and their pets. Shelley's enthusiasm and professional approach along with her extremely likable personality draws out the best in people. I have had numerous responses from members who attended her last seminar, and would like to see her back again! Thank you Shelley for making the session extremely fun and knowledgeable."
Roy Biedrava, Enforcement and Compliance Officer, Tsawwassen First Nation

"Shelley's extensive knowledge, experience and love of dogs have been invaluable to me in the care of my adopted Husky/Shepherd X. The training tips are terrific, and I truly appreciate Shelley's availability - and sense of humour - throughout this canine journey.
Thank you, Shelley, for being such a valued part of Josh's team of professionals."
Sue, Richmond, BC

"Shelley Smith came highly recommended by other dog owners in my area. She occasionally offers small classes for dogs of all ages, sizes and temperaments, which I attended with my dog. Each dog in the class was given individual attention. I am truly amazed how she handles each dog - the dog seems to know what she wants him/her to do. Her presentations are positive and entertaining. At the end of each class, Shelley was always ready to answer questions on an individual basis and was also willing to offer further consultation by phone or e-mail. A typewritten summary of each class with extra hints to help with training on a specific area was distributed after each class which I found super helpful.
I would highly recommend Shelley to any and all dog owners.”
Margaret, Richmond, BC

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